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Step 3. SERP Analysis

Once you have your list of keywords, "extract the SERP".

You can do that one by one.

... or by bulk-analyzing a set of keywords 👇

What does the SERP extraction do?

When you extract the SERP from a keyword:

  • The top 10 URLs will be fetched
  • The tool will check for any weak website and forum (or other UGC)
  • The tool will check if any of your websites are ranking in the top 100 search results
  • The competition tab will get filled in with competing websites and some info (monetization, age, ...)
  • If enabled, PAA and Related queries will be added to your report

Looking for easy keywords?

Look for signs of weakness in the SERPs like:

  • Weak websites (ie low DA)
  • Forums (and other UGCs)
  • Intent mismatch (ie no webpage targeting directly the query)

We recommend you aim for keywords that have at least 2 weak spots.



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