🧰What's included?

The tool includes these main features:

  • KWFinder: a tool to get long-tail keyword ideas.

  • SERP Analyzer: a tool to extract the SERPs and analyze them.

  • Keyword Clustering (SERP and Semantic): a tool to group keywords.

Users on a monthly or yearly subscription (not Pay-As-You-Go only) get access to exclusive features that include:

  1. Access to the number of weak websites and SERP difficulty scores for millions of keywords already analyzed in our tool.

  2. A Keyword Rank Tracker: to follow the SEO performance of your keywords.

  3. A Domain Explorer: Gain Insight into your niche with access to a database of over 150,000 Low-Authority Websites.

  4. A boosted version of the KWFinder (up to 5 times more long-tail keywords)

  5. A keyword ideas generator based on competing websites

  6. A ranking keywords extractor: Uncover the top-ranking keywords of your competition

  7. A sitemap extractor: Analyze and learn from your competitors' content strategies

  8. 10% discount on pay-as-you-go credits that can be added to your monthly credits.

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