🛠️SERP Analyzer

A SERP Analyzer with a Credit System 💵

When analyzing a keyword, LowFruits will extract the top 10 search results for that keyword from Google.

👉 1 keyword analysis = 1 SERP extracted = 1 credit.

The cost per credit varies depending on your package.

For example, on the 50,000 pay-as-you-go package, 1 keyword analysis costs as little as $0.005.

You only pay for the SERPs you want to extract.

👉 Downloading a report without analyzed keywords costs 1 credit on the first export (free for monthly and yearly subscribers).

How do you analyze a keyword?

Once you have your list of keywords, "extract the SERP".

You can do that one-by-one.

or by bulk-analyzing a set of keywords 👇

What does the SERP Analysis do?

When you analyze a keyword and extract its SERP:

  • The top 10 URLs from Google will be fetched

  • The tool will check for any weak website

  • The tool will check if the websites target the query (exact match and partial match).

  • The tool will check if any of your websites are ranking in the top 100 search results

  • The competition tab will contain information about competing websites in the extracted SERPs, including monetization and domain age.

  • If enabled, PAA and Related queries will be added to your report (which you can also analyze)

With the latest Google HCU (September 2023), Google has shown a preference for forums and various types of User Generated Content (UGCs). Therefore these sites are no longer automatically considered weak spots (blue icons).

However, you can revert and still consider forums as weak spots in your user or report settings, with the option to consider forums as weak spots.

Looking for easy keywords?

To find easy keywords, look for signs of weakness in the SERPs like:

  • Weak websites (ie low DA)

  • Intent mismatch (ie no webpage targeting the query directly)

We recommend you aim for keywords with at least two weak spots and a SERP Difficulty Score of 1.

Example of 3 easy keywords:

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