Step 2 : Fetch Keyword ideas

Head to the KWFinder and add your seed keyword.

As a monthly/yearly subscriber, you'll get a boosted version of the KWFinder, fetching more long-tail keyword ideas. Learn more here.

Advanced Options

Below, you will find information regarding the advanced options.

Include words: If you only want keywords that include at least one of the words you specify in this field. Exclude words: If you want to exclude keywords containing specific words. Max Authority: All websites below this threshold will be considered weak spots and will be marked with a green fruit icon.

By default, the threshold is set to a DA of 20, but you can define it as you prefer. You can also add your website to include websites weaker than yours in the weak spots category. Extra parameters. Local Search Volume: Enable it if you prefer to have local search volume estimates specific to the country/language you're targeting. By leaving it unchecked, you'll get the global search volume. Desktop SERP: Enable if you prefer to have the SERP data scrapped from Desktop hardware instead of a mobile device. Note that most of the traffic nowadays comes from mobile devices. Extract PAA queries: Enable if you want to have People Also Ask queries extracted during keyword analysis. Extract Related queries: Same but for Related queries. Old analyzed keywords: You may have some keyword overlap between reports. To save credits, you can enable this option.

It will retrieve keyword data analyzed up to 3 months ago. Customize weak spots: You may want to customize weak spots, even if their DA is above the defined threshold. Purple fruit icons will represent these customized weak spots in your reports.

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