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Domain Explorer

The Domain Explorer is an essential resource for uncovering websites with weak backlink profiles within your niche.

Featuring over 150,000 sites (DA below 25), you can identify potential opportunities by utilizing filters such as DA, Traffic, and Monetization.

Keep in mind:

  • Currently, only English-language websites are available.
  • Metrics are updated on a monthly basis.
  • New websites join the database every week.
  • Main Topics are arranged in descending order of importance, from left to right.

Once you've pinpointed these websites, employ the extraction tools to retrieve their keywords and gain a deeper understanding of their content strategies, ultimately enhancing your SEO efforts.


Here are 4 ways to use the database:

1. Competitor identification

Before entering a niche, it's important to understand the competitive landscape.

To pinpoint potentially vulnerable competitors, utilize the DA and Traffic filters to reveal websites that have low DA and moderate traffic volume.

This enables you to recognize successful websites within your niche, allowing you to analyze their approaches and refine your own strategies.


Recommended filters to find good websites to extract keywords from:


2. Performers

Sort on the Performance column (ie Traffic / DA) to find websites with low DA but high traffic numbers.

Be sure to check the Main Topics to see how relevant the websites are to your niche.


3. Monetization opportunities

Use the Monetization filter to explore websites with specific monetization methods, such as Amazon, E-commerce, Ezoic, or Mediavine.

Analyzing these sites can help you understand successful monetization strategies in your niche and identify potential partnership or affiliate marketing opportunities.


4. Find adjacent topics

Examine the main topics to identify related subjects your competitors are addressing, offering potential avenues for expanding your content.

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