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Weak Spot a page that can easily be beaten in the SERPs
Weak Website a website with low authority. In LowFruits, authority is measured using the Moz DA metric (0 - 100).
Higher DA values indicate greater authority, while values below 20 are deemed weak.
SERP Search Engine Results Page
DA Domain Authority, a Moz metric that estimates the number and quality of backlinks to a website
UGC User-Generated Content, or content created by users.
PAA an acronym for "People Also Ask," a feature in search engine results pages that displays related questions based on the user's search query
Related queries They are the suggested search terms or keywords related to a user's original search query, shown on the search engine results page to help users find more relevant information.
Blue fruit icon represents a forum or user-generated content (UGC) page
Green fruit icon represents a low-authority website (i.e., a website with a low Domain Authority score).
Yellow fruit icon your website
Purple fruit icon custom weak websites
Exact Match the page title contains all the words from a user's search query
Partial Match the page title contains nearly all the words from a user's search query
TM (10) Exact Match + Partial Match in top 10 search results
High-intent Indicates a strong intention or desire on the part of the searcher to take a specific action


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