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LowFruits vs manual SERP Analysis

Take the keyword "best sofa for underfloor heating" as an example.

Upon manually examining the SERP, you'll observe:

  1. A forum occupying the top position
  2. A low-authority website (DA = 8) in the second position.

These instances serve as indicators of "weakness" in the SERPs.

The presence of these weakness signals suggests that a new or low-DA website has a strong chance of ranking at the top for this keyword.

By pinpointing and targeting such keywords, you can enhance your search engine rankings.

💡 DA, or Domain Authority, is a metric used to assess the authority and ranking potential of a website.

Utilize this metric to understand the competitive landscape of a particular keyword and discover opportunities for enhancing your search engine rankings.

The view of this SERP in LowFruits.

Blue fruit icon = forum page or website.
Green fruit icon = website with low authority (i.e. a weak website).

When analyzing keywords in bulk, use the analysis filters to navigate through the results.

The two main filters you'll want to use are Weak Spots and Forums.

The Weak Spots filter

Filter for long-tail keywords with weak spots in the top 3 or 10 results or weak websites ranking in the top 10.

The Forums filter

Filter to find long-tail keywords where forums appear in the top 3 or 10 results.

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